Theater » IHS Fall Play "A Play About a Dragon" Dec. 1-2, 2023

IHS Fall Play "A Play About a Dragon" Dec. 1-2, 2023

 In the middle of the Middle Ages, Morton Montesque's troupe of traveling players happily believe they've volunteered to perform their play about a dragon for King Stanley The Stern. Actually, they've volunteered to slay a real dragon! When they discover their mistake, it's too late to back out - but how can they succeed where so many brave heroes have failed?

Come see the drama department's first production of the year A Play About a Dragon on Friday, December 1, and Saturday, December 2. Tickets can be purchased at the door or at The box office will open at 6:30 on the nights of the show and the play will begin at 7:00 pm. This play is full of humor and excitement, thrills, danger, laughter, and true love. What more could you ask for? It is... a play about a dragon!

Get your tickets at to find out if the players conquer the dragon.

A Play About a Dragon
Cast List


Sage DeSalvo


Emily McKelvy

Lady Gwen

Delia Salser


Coco Stanley


Sean Kelly

Lord Mollymop

Justin Swanik

Lady Dottie

India Cooper


Maddie Jablunovsky


Isabella Brunetto 


Kate McKelvy

Roberta/Sir Smallpart

Sydney Adamsky


Cricket Baunoch

King Stanley

Justin Webber


Manny Sams 


Maddie Milner